“That Exponential Thing”

Eric Lucey wasn’t only a filmmaker. At heart, he was also a scientist. The below photo set is an example of this. “That Exponential Thing” is part of a symposium that C.H. Waddington put together about the adverse effect humans have on the planet. These hand drawn slides are from Lucey. Together they created an opener that would show the negative consequences of industrialisation on communities. Though Waddington was the Director of Animal Genetics, he did not only study animals. He was fascinated with the effect of pollutants and industry on agricultural societies. Many cultures world wide are economically tied to the success of agriculture. Following the slides were a series of graphs showing the rise and fall of pollution from the birth of a community to its “death.” All visuals were created to support the statistics supplied about quality of life, industrialisation and population among small communities. Waddington had the science part completed and ready for this symposium but without Lucey’s projector slides and artwork, the audiences may never have truly seen his vision.